The Valkyrie

by De Bergerac

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released August 3, 2017



all rights reserved


De Bergerac

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Track Name: React
Written by G. Williams / Gods Gift
Track Name: Jupiterz Eye ft Krycis Element & Nemesis
Written by G. Williams / Gods Gift, Krycis Element & A. Owens / Nemesis
Track Name: Satellite
Written by G. Williams / Gods Gift
Track Name: Lighthouse ft Nemesis
Written by G. Williams / Gods Gift & A. Owens / Nemesis
Track Name: War Poem
Written by G. Williams / Gods Gift
Track Name: Forgotten Soldiers
Written by G. Williams / Gods Gift
Track Name: Carpe Diem, Mr Williams
Written by G. Williams / Gods Gift
Track Name: Entertainment
Written by G. Williams / God's Gift


World leaders’ track record resembles heroine injection sites
Perfectly perforated collapsed veins, invisible pain
The incredible shrinking brain
Schizoaffective disorder
Borderline deranged psycho-ward sally porter
Savage circles of social outcast, war parties
Marauding Tea Party Terrorist chanting “save our money!”
Preserve our values like dehumanizing others
And capitalizing on their misfortune
Moral abortion
Survival of the lease empathetic, reflecting who’s running this
They’ll take it if they want it with no remorse and “no judgements”
Accountability for the majority is a movie
This is the soundtrack title “For Your Entertainment Only”

Hook: This is how the end begins x4

World peace resembles a childless expert on parenting
Parroting pointers, moments leading to life changing decisions
With motion like minimal effort sloth-like living
Underachieving leaders of last year’s new thing
Bludgeoned with bad news
Mind-controlling media
Mind altering advertising, the Truth Resistor’s transmitter
What began as a wondering derelict
Ends in a well-organized uprising yet failed attempt at taking it
Faking it
New world order torture equipped basement
Peace defined by armed military placements
Inquisitive minds of sadistic witch hunters
Frantic fanatic craze to lynch the love monsters
Pitchfork war mongers feeding this world’s hunger
And thirst for blood engineering baby food for mothers
We’re already born with a tendency for selfishness
Now genetically enhanced mutant babies are just eating us

Hook: This is how the end begins x4

This system resembles a masterly arranged mosaic
Of a macabre seen from an obscene artist dream
With heartless images of global unrest
Engrossed in grotesque arrangements
of bodies twisted with metal objects
Any attempt to protest are quickly silenced
Citizens suppressed with threats of extreme violence
Systemic from the first snake-bite
Injecting poison politics into Adam’s bloodline
An alternative anarchist with a strange accent
Clockwork Orange experiments of decadence
Descent into modern advances
Marvelous madness
Possessed plastic puppets campaign to control the masses
So I pray for you people
Painfully voting for the lesser of two evils
It’s the pressure to follow the Father of the Belly Crawlers
I barely even bother to acknowledge his flying saucers
It’s all hype
Computer graphics, flashing lights
Shooting stars are nothing but fallen meteorites
It’s an epic fantasy Shakespearian tragedy
Don’t wish on shooting stars
Let the music set you free with the truth

Hook: This is how the end begins
But don’t worry your mind, no
It’s for your entertainment only
It’s not like it’s the end of the world (repeat x4)
Track Name: Out of Time ft Mysterys Extinction
Written by G. Williams / Gods Gift, J. Rhutkowski / Blame One, J. Price / D Voo
Track Name: Incisions
Written by G. Williams / Gods Gift